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Ordering urgent blood tests in BHR

17 September 2020

NELFT has established a dedicated email for GPs/practice staff (not patients) to use for requesting an urgent blood test for patients. Please use this dedicated provision for any high risk patients that require an urgent blood test. The email address is    

Please can you include full patient name, date of birth, telephone number and preferred location when emailing to book a blood test and we ask that duplicate emails are not sent to the provider as this creates longer waiting times. 

It would be extremely helpful for GPs/ Practice staff to email NELFT on  providing details of patients that have recently been referred to have an urgent blood test in the last 6 weeks or so and have not yet been able to book an appointment. Please can each practice send through the list of the patients that require an urgent blood test so that NELFT can book urgent appointments for this specific patient list. For practices only, there is a dedicated telephone number 07808 364 796 for enquiries regarding urgent referrals (this number is not for patients). 

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