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Message from Dr Anita Bhatia, Clinical Director, lead for e-RS

30 October 2018

Within the past couple of weeks, a BHR practice was required to declare an Significant Incident (SI) for a 2WW patient as they’d failed to frequently check their e-RS worklists for patient/referral updates.

It is imperative all practices monitor and manage their e-RS worklist on a daily basis.  

The NHS e-referral worklists provides you with the latest information on patients you have

e-referrals for. Maintaining the worklists allows you to view a full history of your patient electronic referral(s) and update the patient record (i.e. appointment dates / cancellations).

As a general rule, if there is a UBRN (unique booking reference number) visible on a worklist this means it requires attention. Information on how to attach a referral letter is in our e-RS Worklist Management quick reference guide attached.

For more general questions or training regarding e-RS and Advice & guidance, please contact your respective Primary Care Improvement Lead:

Barking & Dagenham CCG

Havering CCG

Redbridge CCG

Mary Smith

(Network North)

Jorna Bhanu

(South Network)

Jackeya Quayam

(Wanstead and Woodford)

Natalie Ritrovato

(Network East)

Khalid Ali

(North Network)

Foujiya Sultana

(Seven Kings)

Patricia Riley

(Network West)

Mark Lockwood

(Central Network)

Denise Patmore

(Cranbrook and Loxford) 


Tina Virdee


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