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Flu communications toolkit for GP practices

08 October 2020

Flu communications toolkit for GP practices

GP practices in north east London are at the forefront of the flu programme – vaccinating a substantial portion of eligible residents this winter.

In addition to a public-facing campaign across north east London, we need GP practices to continue having meaningful conversations with at-risk patients about the importance of getting the flu vaccine this year. 

To help support your conversations with at-risk patients, we have put together a toolkit of resources for GP practices to use.

In north east London last year, only half of those eligible for the flu vaccine chose to get vaccinated. Uptake was higher in those aged 65 and over. However, it was significantly lower in at-risk groups for pregnant women, children aged 2 and 3 years old, and those living with long-term health conditions. 

To address this, we are delivering targeted communications and engagement across north east London to focus on these low uptake groups. We are asking GP practices to consider how they speak to patients in these at-risk groups as we aim to reach the 75% target across north east London.

How can practices help?

We have put together a toolkit of resources to make starting conversations with patients easier.

Whether you speak to your patients on social media, closed messaging platforms (like WhatsApp), or through an email newsletter or website – we have ‘one stop shop’ of images and information that will best suit how you want to talk to patients about the flu.

Look through the toolkit to find the most appropriate resource for your practice.

Post on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, websites or blogs – wherever your audiences is – to help spread awareness of the importance of the flu vaccine.

The toolkit includes:

  • Information leaflet, translations and easy read guide
  • Info on printed resources
  • Text for websites, including FAQs
  • Text for bulletins and newsletters
  • Text and images for social media

If you require any further resources to help support your flu campaign, please contact

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