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The following guidelines have been approved by the Barking and Dagenham, Havering and Redbridge Area Prescribing sub-Committees (APC). They have been developed in association with the relevant clinicians in both primary and secondary care, where applicable.

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Antimicrobial/Antibiotic guidelines

Carbon-13 Urea breath tests

Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)

Antimicrobial Resistance


Antibacterial or antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a growing reality and the NHS is required to reduce current antibiotic prescribing volumes to the levels achieved in 2010. Evidence suggests that antibiotic resistance is driven by over-using antibiotics and prescribing them inappropriately. Keeping levels of antibacterial prescribing low, by only prescribing antibiotics when appropriate, will help reduce the spread of antibacterial resistance that can be a serious threat to patients who have infections that do not respond to antimicrobial drugs. Broad spectrum antibiotics, such as Co-Amoxiclav, Cephalosporins and Quinolones, need to be reserved to treat resistant disease and should generally be used only when standard antibiotics are ineffective.

Key Tools to support GP practices

To support the delivery of this key area, GP practices are encouraged to utilise the following key tools to implement a reduction in antimicrobial prescribing:

These read codes will enable practices to audit their use of the leaflet and can be used to record ‘no’ or ‘back-up’ prescription decisions for appraisal and monitoring purposes.

Other resources

TARGET stands for: Treat Antibiotics Responsibly, Guidance, Education, Tools

The TARGET Antibiotics Toolkit aims to help influence prescribers’ and patients’ personal attitudes, social norms and perceived barriers to optimal antibiotic prescribing. It includes a range of resources that can each be used to support prescribers’ and patients’ responsible antibiotic use, helping to fulfil CPD and revalidation requirements.

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